Helping with the HCA Portal

It takes a village to maintain a website like this. Tight central control does not lend itself to a dynamic and responsive resource, so I am instituting a federated content management model in which stakeholders update and manage their own documents and portions of this website.

  1. Contact Danny Sands and tell him how you'd like to help

  2. Select a non-BIDMC e-mail address (for example, your gmail address) that you will use to edit documents on the portal and share that with Danny

  3. If you've never used Google Docs, learn how here (it's super easy)

  4. It's helpful if you can understand a bit about Google Drive (see this)

  5. Although you can do basic things with just Google Docs, if you really want to be a superstar, learn about Google Sites here

  6. Once we've met and I've given you access to a folder on Google Drive, you'll see a link to it (or it's parent folder) in the Shared With Me link on the left side of the Google Drive screen (you may need to scroll down to find it)

    • You can get to Google Drive by opening or by opening a Google search tab, clicking on the checkerboard in the upper right-hand corner, and selecting Drive (icon looks like a triangle)

  7. See Editing and Adding HCA Portal Content: Tips, Tricks, and Style Guide